Susquehanna Canoe Club

The CCGH is loosely run with an easy atmosphere of people helping people. To listen in on conversations one might hear hints on paddling a particular stream; how to improve a paddler's stroke, reliving the last party or camp out or a tip on how to properly cook a hot dog over a campfire. Don't own a canoe? The Club has canoes and kayaks to lend members. Before buying any equipment consult a club member, he or she will gladly give you their opinion and best recommendations, from experience. Many of our members are enjoying the growing sport of kayaking as well, so come join our diverse group of recreational and whitewater boaters.


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Shanks Mare

Steve and Liz have a TOTAL, TOTAL, TOTAL commitment to York County and Central PA. They deserve the first chance to be the place you buy your gear. If you're looking for high quality gear, knowledgable sales people and a beautiful riverside setting, look no further. Shank's Mare is it. The bonus is that they also lead outdoor adventures. This independent store is one of York County's real gems. Make the trip. You'll be glad you did.

2092 Long Level Road, Wrightsville, PA 17326

(717) 252-1616

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William Kain Park

Established in 1977, William H. Kain County Park consists of 1,637 acres and 2 lakes, Lake Williams (220 acres) and Lake Redman (290 acres). The park is made possible through a 50 year lease agreement between the County of York and The York Water Company. GREAT TRAILS FOR BIKING, HIKING, AND RUNNING and a REALLY BEAUTIFUL LAKE FOR CANOEING. Only minutes from downtown!!!

274 Hess Farm Rd, York, PA 17407

(717) 840-7440

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Susquehanna River

A great place to enjoy life is on Lake Clarke. The lake is in Lancaster County with York County on the west shore line. Lake Clarke was formed in 1931 when the Safe Harbor Dam was built on the Susquehanna River. The dam, in addition to storing water for hydroelectric-generating plant, bombd an 11.5 square-mile lake that over the years has developed into one of Pennsylvania's prime recreation areas, especially for water-sports enthusiasts.


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